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HireHospo x Washpro

Hospitality Equipment Finance

Let the equipment pay for itself

With HireHospo’s simple financing options, you can get the equipment you need for now for a low payment you can afford. Quickly earn back your investment while maintaining a steady cash flow.

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Simple as 1, 2 and 3...

1. Apply for funding

Apply for funding. It’s easy – Apply online or over the phone. Most finance applications valued below $25,000 are approved within 3 business days!

2. Select your equipment

Choose your equipment. Work with the sales team at Hirehospo with over 500 machines available in stock and get the right equipment for your establishment.

3. Sign contract & take delivery

Your machines will be on their way to you! Stay on top of weekly payments and enjoy the options of upgrading the machines and owning end of term.

  • Minimal upfront investment, deploy your cash into other business areas instead.
  • Choose to keep the machines. Have the liberty to own the machines depending on your finance option.
  • No longer fear being stranded with a purchased machine. Full maintenance & technical support on your term.
  • Guidance on using the equipment to maximize business growth and revenue potential.

Why finance kitchen equipment?

Whether you're an established business or starting off in the cut-throat hospitality industry, Hirehospo x Washpro has your back. 

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Compare your finance options

Rent before ownership:

  • Simple 12 month rental term
  • Affordable weekly payments allowing for the equipment to pay for themselves
  • 100% tax deductable payments*
  • Local support with the preventative maintenance plan
  • Option to purchase outright or continue renting, both with a heavy discount applied
  • Peace of mind with local technicians available for breakdown or service
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Lease before ownership:

  • Straight forward 36 month Hire-purchase agreement
  • Own the equipment outright at the end of the term
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Local support with the preventative maintenance plan
  • interest potion and depreciation of the equipment is tax deductible*
  • Peace of mind with local technicians available for breakdown or service
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Finance Calculator

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Calculate by Weekly Payments

Total Equipment Cost

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Weekly Lease Cost $0.00
Deposit (Approx) $0.00

Total Weekly Payments

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Weekly Rental Cost Machine Value $0.00
Weekly Lease Cost Machine Value $0.00
Deposit (Approx) $0.00

Please note, these amounts are indicative and may be higher or lower. Please apply online and one of our team members will give you an accurate quote.

Flexible finance solutions for your business.

Businesses Starting Out

Startups and new ventures face unique challenges in balancing budget constraints with the need for quality equipment. Hirehospo's 'Rent before ownership' option is tailored for these businesses, offering a cost-effective pathway to high-quality equipment without large initial investments.

  • Low Upfront Costs: Essential for conserving capital in the initial stages.
  • Tax-Deductible Payments: Eases financial burden in the crucial early stages.
  • Quality Equipment Access: Start with the reliable stable equipment without heavy investment.
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Established Businesses

Established businesses looking to expand or upgrade find value in Hirehospo's 'Lease for ownership' option. With a history of steady operations, these businesses benefit from predictable financing and a direct path to equipment ownership.

  • Fixed Interest Rate: Provides financial stability for long-term planning.
  • Ownership Path: Aligns with the goal of asset accumulation.
  • Quality and Reliability: Ensures continued operational excellence with top-tier equipment.
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Why choose HireHospo x Washpro for your machine finance?

At Washpro, we get it. Running a successful hospitality business isn't easy - or cheap. You've got equipment to buy, premises to maintain, and big dreams to fulfill. That's why we've got your back with our commercial catering equipment finance plans. We don't just offer solutions, we're hospitality insiders ourselves. With hands-on experience and industry expertise, we're the perfect partner for your business. Our tailored finance packages require zero upfront costs - just a simple deposit and a weekly rental fee.

The best part? After three years, the equipment is all yours. Can't wait that long? No problem! With our rent-to-own option, you can purchase anytime after just 12 months.
Applying for finance with us is a breeze! We'll work with your budget to create a plan that's right for you, showing how to stretch every dollar of your lease. With Washpro, your business growth is within reach.

Wide Selection of Kitchen Equipment Tailored to Your Budget with Flexible Hospitality Finance Plans

No matter the size or scale of your business, we cater to all with our top-of-the-line kitchen and hospitality equipment, enabling you to sail through even

the most bustling days effortlessly. From maintaining combi ovens prepping for a plush dining event, to setting up a

culinary booth at a food festival, our comprehensive selection of kitchen and hospitality gear delivers the robust solutions industry

insiders require. When you choose a commercial machine with us, rest assured, your purchase won't stretch your budget, thanks to

our adaptable commercial catering equipment finance plans.

Commercial Ovens

From combi ovens to deep fryers and so much
more, we’ll have your kitchen on a hot blast in
minutes! Over 10 leading brands and a range 
of machines to choose from.

Commercial Dishwashers

Have your dishes sparkling clean. Our high 
quality machines comes in all sizes, small 
to large depending on your business size.


Keep your food cool with a range of chillers,
freezers and fridges with sizes and shapes 
to fit any kitchen.

Cabinets & Display

Reward your hard work. Have your food on display in one of our cabinets. A wide selection
to choose from depending on your preference.


Experience True Flexibility with Washpro x HireHospo’s
Hospitality Finance

Washpro x HireHospo hospitality finance isn't just easy on your cash flow, but it's also a reliable partner during the 
fluctuating tides of running your hospitality business. Our plan allows you to upgrade or downgrade your equipment anytime, ensuring you're never stuck with items that no longer serve your needs.

Everyone knows that kitchen equipment can falter, most likely in the middle of a bustling service! In such times, Washpro x HireHospo stands with you. All of our hospitality finance rentals include a comprehensive breakdown policy that lasts throughout the contract term—even if the manufacturer's warranty has lapsed. Simply book a service online or dial our dedicated helpline, and a technician will be dispatched to restore your kitchen to its productive rhythm. Consider this as one of the many benefits of being part of the Washpro family.

Above all, Washpro provides consistent, personalised service, customised to your unique business requirements. Our team is seasoned with real-world experience in the foodservice industry, and over time, numerous businesses have reaped the benefits of our collective wisdom and proficiency.

Frequently Asked Finance Questions

What are the financing options through Washpro x HireHospo

Washpro x HireHospo Finance offers two financing options tailored to the needs of your business. You can choose between our lease-to-own or rent-before-ownership solutions depending on whether you would like a 12-month or 36-month rental period.

Are there any upfront costs or down payments required?

Washpro x HireHospo Finance aims to make financing as accessible as possible. We require a 10% deposit of the total equipment cost. Our team will provide you with the details when you submit your application. Apply here:

How long will my finance application take to get approved?

Our approval process is designed to be quick and efficient. Once you submit your application and the necessary documents, we strive to provide you with a response within 2-3 business days. Our goal is to help you secure the financing you need promptly, so you can get your business rolling.

Can I upgrade or change my equipment at any time?

Washpro x HireHospo Finance understands that business needs evolve. If you wish to upgrade or change the machine during the rental term, you can discuss the available options with our customer service team. They will guide you through the process and provide information about any associated costs.

How do I apply?

Simply submit your application here and we will get back to you the following working day.

New Zealand’s trusted commercial kitchen equipment 
finance provider

With HireHospo x Washpro, we draw upon years of experience in the hospitality game to assist you in selecting the perfect commercial kitchen equipment for your establishment. Our Washpro x HireHospo team understands the importance of staying within budget, and we specialize in creating the best finance solutions for this industry. By choosing Washpro x HireHospo, you can say goodbye to large upfront costs. Instead, simply pay a deposit and a weekly rental fee, making it easier to manage your cash flow.

With our lease before ownership, you have the opportunity to own the equipment after three years of rental. However, if you wish to accelerate ownership, we offer a rent to own option, allowing you to purchase the equipment after just 12 months. 
It's a hassle-free process, designed to empower your business success.

Experience the convenience and affordability of Washpro x HireHospo, commercial kitchen equipment finance today. Our finance solutions cater to hospitality businesses, catering services, and all commercial kitchen industry professionals.

Enhance your operational efficiency and profitability with our extensive range of quality equipment. From commercial ovens to catering equipment, commercial dishwashers, starline dishwashers, combi ovens, glasswashers and pizza ovens; we have it all.

Contact us now to learn more and transform your kitchen into a powerhouse of productivity.

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